Softcover copy of Double Shifting

Softcover copy of Double Shifting

Winger Rory O’Brien’s been in love with his center, Dima Lebedev, for almost as long as they’ve been playing hockey together. Dima made it clear from the beginning that he wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with him, but Rory still cherishes what they have.

When Dima is knocked into the boards by a dirty hit and temporarily loses his memory, Rory’s frantic to stay by his side. But a careless word strikes a misunderstanding that spreads like wildfire, and now everyone thinks they’re married.

Including Dima.

Rory’s not sure how to untangle the web he accidentally wove. He’s also not sure he wants to, now that he’s learned just how sweet Dima’s kisses are, but he knows he must if he wants to keep Dima’s respect once his memory returns.

But their general manager has his own agenda for presenting them as a couple, and now Rory and Dima have to convince the world they’re in love. That part’s easy. The hard part will be keeping Dima from figuring out the truth in Rory’s heart.


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