Softcover copy of Odd Man Rush

Softcover copy of Odd Man Rush

Eli McKenna has a good life. Starting goalie for the Seattle Kingfishers, a beautiful wife, a lovely home—he even has a great dog. He should be counting his blessings, not wishing for things he can never have.

When Rune Hedaya is traded to the team, Eli knows he’s in trouble. Rune is charismatic, handsome, and has a knack for making Eli smile that few possess. But Eli can totally handle Rune staying with him for a month or two while he looks for a place to live, right?

Noemi McKenna never stops moving. If she’s not coaching the college’s hockey team, she’s volunteering at the local shelter, training for marathons, or mentoring troubled youths. But somewhere deep down under everything, she knows something’s wrong with her husband, and she’s determined to find out what, if she can just get a minute alone with him.

Eli, Noemi, and Rune are going to have to get this sorted before their internal conflicts tear them apart from the inside out, but whether or not they have the courage to go for what they want is another story altogether.

ODD MAN RUSH is a guaranteed happily-ever-after for all parties involved with no cheating, but is not a traditional polyamorous romance.