Softcover copy of Roughing

Softcover copy of Roughing

Sinclair "Saint" Levesque comes by his nickname honestly. He's spent his entire life devoted to hockey and the team he captains. He'll do whatever it takes to get them to the playoffs, including inviting a musclebound meathead who barely knows what a puck is into his beloved home.

Carmine Quinn knows his role. He protects the talent, which on this team means Saint. But he can't save Saint from his worst enemy—his own mind. Saint is unlike anyone Carmine has ever known, and it doesn’t take long for Carmine to see just how special he is.

Saint soon realizes there's more to Carmine than his goon persona. But the attractive, funny man in his house may pose an even bigger threat to Saint than he could have possibly imagined. He challenges every belief Saint holds dear, turns them all on their heads, and for the first time in his life, Saint finds himself wanting more than hockey. Whether or not he has the courage to go for it remains to be seen.


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